Sunday, July 12, 2009

repetition and ritual

As I noted back in early May, one real treat of coming back to my parent's house is being greeted by a vase of flowers from the garden that my mother places in my room.   So I make no apology by offering another version of them.    Repeating the theme enacts the ritual and repetition that goes into the provision of the flowers in the firs place, of course, but it also enacts something that's endemic, as a question, to the exercise of taking a Daily Picture - how far do I allow myself to repeat myself?   And yet, as these two pictures two months apart show, difference in light, let alone in angle, let alone in types of flower, make these two very different images indeed.

Yes, it is dark and stormy - my dreams of sitting with a gin and tonic in verdant surroundings have been sadly shattered by dank and damp weather.


  1. Lovely shot. The moms say have that drink indoors. It'll be just as good. And I say, do I need to give you a tutorial on embedding links in your posts -- or are you just jet-lagged (totally understandable in view of the miles you've logged this week!)?

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2009

    Great clouds! (The flowers are pretty splendid, too. As is the ritual!)

  3. ah, no, I promise you, I'm usually fine with embedding links... But thank you! Blame not just the G&T, but my father's opening of a v good bottle of La Chasse du Pape reserve...

    Clouds have shifted to a solid, non-photogenic grey this morning...

  4. ...and...correction made...