Monday, July 27, 2009

harry's back yard

where the fairy lights (are they indeed called that in the US?   Having just had the misjudgment to go and see Brüno, I'm cautious about any reference that might be construed as homophobic...) come out in the trees, and above the hollyhocks, as the daylight goes down.   Today was a day of missed photographic opportunities - the large rattlesnake sun-bathing on Monte Alto Road, for example - but I was too preoccupied with trying to see if s/he really did have rattles on the tail to remember to get out a camera.   And then, going into the Regal Cinema 14, there was the surreal sight of two local ashram members (male), dressed all in white, wielding a toy machine gun at an arcade game.   So I was left with finding something that didn't make me forget about photography when I was looking at it.   To be honest, I was well aware from the get-go that the white robes and imitation firearm would have been a superb shot, but by the time I'd started to fumble in my bag, the guys had scuttled off.   Harry's Roadhouse has a tendency to serve as a photographic default option, its margaritas and Roadhouse Tostadas being all too convenient for the drive back from town.

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