Monday, July 20, 2009

eldorado animal hospital

When my mother asked me this weekend what there was to do in Santa Fe - the kind of question that makes one wonder what she's actually heard and registered over the last fifteen years - I suppose that I could have answered Going to the Vets, because this seems to be a fairly regular activity.   Emmett, today, suddenly was manifesting a messy and possibly bloody mouth (cue for me to imagine bubonic plague - not as wild a piece of hypochondria as that might sound to some, for at least one cat has already been diagnosed in Eldorado with the plague this summer).   So off he went.   In fact, his gums are probably "friable" because of his kidney problems, so he's dosed up with pricey antibiotics.

We have the most wonderful vets here - ornamented by animal sculptures outside, including this mountain lion: he was looking strangely wintery against the lowering storm sky, so I helped the image a bit further along in the direction of menace.

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