Tuesday, July 21, 2009

strawberry rosemary lemonade

This is quite possibly the best glass of lemonade I have ever had: flavored with strawberry and - this was the inspired touch - rosemary.   It was served at The Grove, in Albuquerque, which is very highly recommended (not just by us - it's won just about every local award for lunch since it opened).   And this was accompanied by a grilled cheese and green chile sandwich, for me; a BLT with guacamole, for Alice, and we shared a carrot cake cupcake.   I maintain, rather faintly, that I don't particularly get excited about cupcakes, but I'll make an exception for this one.   I now wish that I'd taken a photograph of every single part of lunch.

This is also an antidote to what would have been the truly serious photography outing of the day, if we hadn't just gone down on the Railrunner (excellent views of pueblos: no photography - announced on the train - a complete antithesis to early C20th tourism) to pick up my car from the airport long-term parking.   The real project would be all the closed stores and businesses on Central (including the recently torched El Sarape) - motels out of business, gas stations closed, some of them just razed to the ground.   This eastern part of Central provided a quite shocking view of the effects of the recession: The Grove, at the other end of town - under I-25, towards the Old Town - could be on a different economic planet.

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