Friday, July 31, 2009

putting a spin on it

Clearly, I need practice at focusing on pink plastic balls: as if yesterday's glittered and marbled pony-containing spheres weren't problematic enough, today's couple of shots of a plastic ball nestled just off a path in the Eldorado green belt weren't quite in focus either.  Hence it's Photoshop Radial Spin to the Rescue!   No prolonged musing about what the ball was doing there - rejected loot from the supermarket toy dispensers?  a failed bit of golf practice?  too slippery for a dog to carry? - no, I've just swirled it up into a faintly nipple-like, quasi-chocolate mousse melange - and will seriously attempt not to leave myself, late at night, with only images to work with that are badly in need of salvation.

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