Friday, July 10, 2009


The last few days have been completely chaotic - so although I've managed to take pictures, and semi-post those taken with an iPhone when I realized the problem of having no internet back in New Jersey - this has been a strangely silent blog.   Alas.   Technology.   And too many time zones, as witnessed by today's image, of New Brunswick station at dawn.

All of this has been due to moving Alice's things out to NJ - and the concomitant mounds of packing paper (image 2, yesterday...) and boxes and discoveries and anxieties about things that we can't imagine into what boxes they could possibly have been put.   

And the shock (image 3, the day before yesterday) of finding that NJ doesn't look at all like LA - though I love all the symmetries of the apartment block next door ...

And the day before that, Tuesday, here I was in New Mexico at another dawn, remarkably much more beautiful than the NJ one.

I wish that I could promise the resumption of Normal Service, but I'm off to England early tomorrow - but will do my best...

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