Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is by way of being an accidental image: I took several shots of a very fine cactus somewhere round the back of the garage against a stormy sky - but (and this could have a good deal to do with kneeling on ground that was strewn with various ex-spikes) I seem to have been uncertain in focusing accurately on what I'd intended to be at the center - yellow flowers against thick black clouds.   However - it's the off-center spikes, instead.   I could pretend that I'd taken them as a metaphor for a disgruntled state of mind (inability to concentrate for long on  my work? running a department in mid-July? the kind of disturbed digestion that had me Googling symptoms of swine flu and e-coli poisoning, without being sure what my hypochondria wanted to settle upon?) - but it was a question of salvaging the accidental and making it look like an intentional representation of natural aggression.

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