Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fixing the light

Almost certainly, I thought, there would be some kind of quasi-touristy picture of York Minster going up as the Picture of the Day - one of the funerary monuments, probably (to match the atrocious weather) - a woman draped over an urn, or a bishop looking rather too enthusiastically at the genitalia of baroque putti. But no! though the images exist... In the new lecture hall at the University, before my talk, the university's photographer was taking some shots of me; we were talking cameras - and for some reason passed from a ritualistic Canon v Nikon conversation to the possibilities of the iPhone. He'd hardly used his at all for taking pictures - I was extolling its virtues, and also the virtues of the ToyCamera app - and to make my point, turned and took a photograph of the tech guy on a ladder behind me, doing a last minute light fix... I do like this, very much.

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