Sunday, October 18, 2009

running as fast... I can. Or that is how the semester feels: it's Sunday night again, already. I know that I get let out of my cage for a few days this week, however, which I'm greatly looking forward to (or would, if I could make the scanner that I have here work properly, so that I have a fully illustrated lecture - that is, when the lecture is fully written...).

This poor hamster is immured in Petco, in South Plainfield, NJ, which on a wet Sunday afternoon in October is as gloomy a place to be a hamster - or anyone - as could possibly be envisaged. I think his fate is probably marginally more secure than that of the proliferation of white mice, which, failing the appearance of an oleaginous Count Fosco, are probably destined for a python's digestive system. But our kitties needed some food (kibble, not white mice, though they probably would have preferred the latter), so we slouched damply off to find it. Curiously, after my other photography-in-shops experiences this year, no one seemed to mind me taking pictures of mice, or hamsters, or ferrets, curled up in a sleazy looking heap, with off white fur that made them look like chain smokers, which came as a big surprise. Maybe the animal welfare police don't penetrate as far as darkest Plainfield...

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