Friday, October 16, 2009


There are times when I wonder whether my enthusiastic embrace of organic vegetable ordering is a totally sensible commitment - we do seem to end up with a lot of pieces of fruit (the vegetables, on the other hand, get eaten much more quickly). Apples get removed and placed in a bowl in the chair's office - a kind of apple-for-the-teacher gesture in reverse - and come in handy on truly busy and therefore lunchless days. But there seems here to be an unmanageable accumulation of oranges...

still, they are very autumnal. It was a more or less beautiful autumn/fall day driving into Princeton today - that is, it would have been stunning, if it wasn't raining - and if my view wasn't impeded, and my senses assaulted, by following close behind a septic tank drainage tank. Very New Jersey, somehow.

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