Thursday, October 15, 2009

fortune cookie

I may have been the only person in the room today who had been looking forward to today's School of Arts and Sciences Chairs Meeting today for almost a month. This wasn't, however, due to some weird masochistic drive, but because it's held over on Busch campus, and the Busch student center has a rather good little Japanese carry out restaurant, and when one orders one's meal - even a box of sushi and a bean paste bun - one gets a fortune cookie on one's tray. Could it be that here, today, would be the magical phrase that would give me guidance in chairing?

Alas, I'm not flooded by inspiration on reading "If you want to succeed in business, avoid 'business as usual.'" I'm not even sure such go-getting entrepreneurial advice is legal inside fortune cookies under current economic circumstances. It raises a good number of questions about what "usual" might be, of course (and in any case, looked at another way, would I go back to the same outlet month after month if the sushi were going to be stuffed with marzipan and chocolate?). Maybe I should try tarot cards instead, I thought ... so I tried asking a question on this compulsive site ... and let me tell you: I wish I'd stuck to fortune cookies.

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