Wednesday, October 28, 2009

loving one's neighbor

If I hadn't otherwise been tied up, I would have been at this morning's protest against Westboro Baptist Church who themselves dropped round at Rutgers' Hillel to protest against Jewish and gay people. I first encountered this noxious group (I'm providing no link to their own site - clicking on it encourages them) when driving across the mid-west on some road trip west - it might even have been near their home base in Topeka, Kansas - but my road log is in the car and I'm not going downstairs to check... and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them standing thick and deep outside a church, bearing signs saying God Hates Fags.

Even if I couldn't be at the protest, I was delighted to see the banners still up, later, on the Reformed Church opposite the Hillel. That black and white thing in the corner is, of course, an umbrella: it was a very, very wet day on campus. In fact, I'd seen the umbrella and its owner heading down the street, but couldn't quite get where I wanted to be for a more inclusive shot in time...

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  1. ...and I'm adding a link to Lauren's account, since she actually has something to *say* - as well as some great photos...