Tuesday, October 6, 2009

missing a figure

This is nearly a very intriguing photograph - it really needs a Gregory Crewdson style self preoccupied figure just mounting the steps. And perhaps another emerging from the house - or would that be overloading the narrative potential? Lacking useful actors when I came out of the house this morning - scurrying off to a lengthy 4 and a half hour New Chairs Workshop - this is, instead, a picture about absence - it's the railings, and the way that they stop, that make it seem as though something may be about to happen (more interesting, that is, that a long workshop). I'd originally had my eye on the moss - a peculiarly iridescent Irish green - but the whole sub-graveyard ensemble created an impression of a view more like Highgate Cemetery (where George Eliot, Christina Rossetti, Karl Marx, and a whole lot of other Important Victorians are buried) - somewhere I've not been for far, far too long. Hmmmm: shall try to remedy...

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