Thursday, October 8, 2009

an intrusive name

So here's a puzzle. It's around 8.15 a.m.; slide show ready to roll on the screen in class (everything, today, from a black St Maurice from the ?C16th in a Devon church, to Mary Seacole, to Pathe News footage of people coming off the Empire Windrush to the London smog of 1952 - yes, it's Selvon's The Lonely Londoners). So I slide the blackboard up over the screen in order to write down the address and password of the class blog (clearly I am some kind of strange collecting addict in this area), and Lo! it reads "Man of the hour: Emmett." Alas, I didn't get the whole inscription - but how could this be? What is our senior, dark grey menacing cat doing turning up on the blackboard? Probably the class finally realized that they had Big Trouble on their hands - a crazy cat lady taking a photo of the visual display unit for her (other) blog. Still, those two 80 minute sessions a week are the total high spot of my academic life right now - teaching! not chairing! - and this was something akin to high-spirited celebratory self-indulgence at this temporary liberation.

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