Wednesday, March 9, 2011

another dawn

... this time a New Jersey one, and I didn't have to move from my bed to do it.   I was, of course, woken up as usual by the scrape of branches against the roof, and the thud of squirrels landing and taking off again: they (see top left) are extremely active currently, both making baby squirrels, and eating the tree buds.   Squirrel sex, indeed, is a very silly activity, since they don't seem to have any sense what position, direction, or angle would work best.   They clearly haven't watched the 1959 film of Look Back in Anger (which we watched in class today), with Mary Ure doing a deliberately over-twee squirrel imitation.   So common a sight are squirrels leaping around in the early morning here that the black and white cat opposite (see bottom right) has turned his back on them.

Most common reason given, apparently, for people not wanting to buy this house?   The fact that there's an apartment block next door.  Not much that we can do about that.

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