Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hanging from the ceiling in the Grove cafe, in Albuquerque (where we'd gone to rescue Alice's car - it had been sitting a long time in airport parking) was a very pretty and light mobile - this photo makes it look rather more substantial than it is, since it's made of silk, and is suspended on the lightest of threads.   Indeed, there's a whole flock of them idly rotating up there.   So I fantasised about getting one for my new office (ignoring various factors - like the little problem that I haven't yet decided what color to paint it, despite carrying around an increasingly bulky set of color charts), and wondered where they might be found.   A small amount of internet sleuthing reveals that they're by someone called Jan Carson, from Colorado.   And when one clicks on "find a store" ... what emerges?   The fact that no store in Los Angeles seems to stock them - but one in New Jersey does: Through the Moongate, in Highland Park.   There's a deeply ironic message to be located there, I'm sure.

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