Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Almost certainly, our kitchen in New Mexico wouldn't pass the decluttering test - just one small corner reveals a bunch of garlic, a spatula and its shadow, a potato masher, and a shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, by Goldie Garcia, who produces superlative kitsch glitter-and-plastic-sealed earrings, magnets, car charms, pins, and little shrines set in wood, all with shiny stars and rhinestones and other embellishments.   I first came across her stuff at Spanish Market in 1994, and have accumulated a fair number of her small pieces since then.   The garlic is from the Farmers' Market a summer or two back; the masher is largely intended for mashing avocados into guacamole.   Tonight, though, there was indeed mashed potato, making the top layer of my buffalo herder's pie - a take on shepherd's pie, of course, only using ground bison and lots of chile.   

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