Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The kitschness of it!   The self-mocking, self-congratulatory slogans all over Terminal 6 these days, punning in a chirpy way on SoCal life - as here: "Renovations are like the Paparazzi [Just Ignore Them].   I do look forward to whenever they finish, and put some decent places to buy food back again ... 

At least I made it to the airport - the part of Figueroa where I can usually rely on getting a cab at a cab rank was coned off for some kind of filming (cue: black limos, self-important hip guys on cell phones, etc etc), and I had to wave wildly at anything moving and yellow that was out there in the traffic, but with success.   Constant re-routing for film crews; the white vans with catering; the police cars blocking off where you want to go - it's a very endearing form of traffic disruption (except, of course, when it isn't).

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