Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bathroom light

I have a suspicion - just a suspicion, but the house was lived in by a family that included two boys - that the bathrooms in this house were unspeakably nasty before the previous owner contemplated putting it on the market.   They still are unspeakably nasty, but in a redone, tacky, mid-NJ sort of way, with grey and white geometric or floral tiles (depending on the room), and these horrible lights.  If we were staying here, they'd be the next things on the list (after the worn wood floors, and the mock-tile lino in the kitchen, I suppose) to go.   In the meantime, I am resigned to restyling them via Infinicam.   And yes, from this, one may rightly surmise that there was no interest of any kind in the house today, and that my eyes, when tired of doing teaching prep, wander loosely around it finding things to lament.

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