Sunday, March 27, 2011


Faced with the prospect of eating this for lunch, I truly didn't know what to say.   Not this alone, I should say, for there was also a particularly delicious cheese and avocado and green chile omelette, and some fruit salad - but this bacon?   Or, rather, "bacon"?    I have happily eaten soy strips masquerading as bacon in the past, but they weren't trying, in such a kitsch and belligerent way, to mock bacon's very reality.   This confection reminded me of some dolls' house furniture that Gran once gave me - at least, I think it was Gran - who else would have handed it over? - that smelt strongly of baked flour and water paste, and was painted in an equally garish and improbable way.

These artificial rashers didn't, in fact, taste at all bad - so long as one didn't look at them.   Their presence was a real education in the link between appearance and appetite.   If you're ever faced with such a culinary experience yourself, I recommend, strongly, capturing them in a corn tortilla and covering them up - at which point they become surprisingly palatable.

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