Thursday, March 31, 2011

fishy snacks

I couldn't really take the pictures that I wanted to take today - the (almost) new H-Mart in Edison - the Korean superstore - has rather too many No Photography signs.   So I couldn't sneak a quick shot of the fish swimming round in their tanks, or the row upon row of packets of glassy looking noodles.   Indeed, I very much wished that I'd thought to look at a recipe book before going, because there were endless, countless opportunities of New Things, and I couldn't begin to guess what most of them were.   I'd only gone in there, supposedly, for some garlic (easy) and some rice cakes.   Rice cakes.   You'd have thought they'd have been easy to find.   Every type of rice that one could dream up.   Sweet rice snacks.   Savory rice snacks (of which these fishy/wasabi concoctions were just a very tasty example - I think they are Japanese).   But ordinary rice cakes?   I know they have them in parts of South-East Asia - I've bought, eaten (and shared unwittingly with large cockroaches) exactly the kind of rice cake that I had in mind in Indonesia.   But alas, they don't seem to be a Korean thing - and since I am determined, absolutely determined, to make it through the rest of my time in NJ without visiting the Highland Park Stop and Shop ever again - I've managed since last May, so why wreck it now? - I am making do with these, and other very pretty soy-flavored large rice crackers.

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