Wednesday, March 23, 2011

invisible cats

I have been putting together my tentative half of a syllabus for a course on the Visual Arts and Invisibility - and hence reflecting on the representation or imagination of what isn't there.   What's very patently not there in this house are the cats (except via Skype from Santa Fe).  I keep imagining that I see one of them, out of the corner of my eye; or I wonder if their litter needs changing; or I think I hear one of them - but no (there's a lot of all too visible weather this evening, though, which is probably responsible for some of the odder sounds).

Invisibility covers all kinds of ghostly things, and I found it decidedly spooky that when I thought I'd opened this image in Photoshop, it just wouldn't make itself seen.   I had to exit PS and enter it again, as though it was deliberately and maliciously acting out my train of thought for the last couple of hours.

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