Saturday, May 21, 2011

archive fever

Ah, I have just spent half an hour extolling archival research, only for the computer to swallow my post - suffice it to say that we spent the day in the by-now run-down town of Greensburg, IN, home of Alice's maternal grandparents before they moved west to Colorado Springs.   Highlight, if one can call it that, was finding that her grandmother's family had all been wiped out by TB in 1891-93, leaving her an orphan at age 10 (she'd been living in what must have been an ill-advisedly damp house above a brook, too, with the cemetery at the end of the road).   But of course, some of the best things are the irrelevant ones, like, here, an advertisement for the visit of a couple of short people to Minear's Department Store in 1905 - Giant Bargains at Midget Prices.

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