Sunday, May 8, 2011

A concrete achievement

And for tomorrow's houseselling hurdle: the Certificate of Occupancy inspection by the Borough of Highland Park, where they make sure that all the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and kitchen fire extinguishers are present and working; that there are no loose wires hanging anywhere; that the sidewalk is smooth and ... ah, but ours had a round hole in it.   Someone had, at some time, stolen the old metal cap that used to lead to some pipe or another, and left a four inch in diameter cavity.   So I am congratulating myself for mixing cement and filling it up and smoothing it level ...

... Quite how this house passed any kind of inspection when I bought it, I can't imagine.   It had just about every kind of electrical danger imaginable, let alone a dubiously elevated piece of wood sticking up from the sidewalk, in relation to which Highland Park was keen, a little bit later on, to stick an order on me for being in possession of an Obstruction.   I am trying to leave nothing to risk tomorrow - even so, I'm quite sure that they'll find something - a stray springtime petal, maybe - that's out of place, that will need removing, and then the property re-inspecting - and another fee paid.   Cynical?   In relation to HP, moi?

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