Wednesday, May 11, 2011

things I'll miss about Highland Park

I've found something!   Roberts Flowers! where I went to get some welcome home - home? - flowers for Alice this evening.   Maybe I will even buy myself one of these lichen-covered balls before we leave: I've long coveted them ... though part of me, the hysterical part of me that seems to be living in the midst of a second-hand book-store gone wild, giving away sofas, shudders at the thought of one more possession of any kind.

Still without internet at home, I'm taking temporary refuge in my Rutgers room, with chirping squirrels in the walls - very cute and mellifluous - and a big frat party down the street, which appears to be chanting in a totally unmellifluous fashion.   Give me an evening with furry rodents, any day, over them.

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