Sunday, May 29, 2011


I do resent these buildings that have sprung up directly in line from my study window.   Admittedly I've exaggerated somewhat by standing at the edge of our yard and by using a telephoto lens.   But.   Still.   And of course, the view is still spectacular - this garage and workshop don't block out any of the mountains (or I would be inconsolable and  hysterical - I thrive on views) - and I can see other large chunks of mountain and sky if I turn my head to the right a little.   And what's blocked is, in truth, a view of the little occasional train that chugs its way through Eldorado, and the sprawl of Eldorado itself.   And they will look better when they're covered with the obligatory faux adobe.   And our neighbor, whose house is out of sight to the left of this image, is much closer to them, and would surely find them far more of an obstruction if he actually lived there, and didn't just use it for storing furniture and as a kind of man-hut and occasional spare bedroom for his guests.

But.   Still.   Given all the planning regulations and ordinances around here, you'd have thought that the local residents' association planning committee would issue notices of forthcoming building work to residents who might have an interest in the matter, and might want to make a protest ...

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