Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Final Highland Park Abandoned Chair

... and it's only fitting that it should be one of our own.   It's a much travelled chair: it was my office chair on Oxford.   But I can't keep carrying it around for more or less sentimental reasons; I have no desire to keep it in storage with the 72,398 boxes of books that would keep it company; it seems to have a broken spoke; and it has some fresh - well, what I think must be squirrel shit on the back of it.   That did it.   It was a bad say with the squirrels.   Early this morning, one was scurrying over the garage door - and caugt his/her front claw in the spring.   It took a long time before it managed to extricate it.   And where was it going?   Somewhere at the back of the garage is an excited squeaking from a nest of tiny squirrelies!   Probably inside an a/c unit that's resting there.   I truly don't want to think about it.

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