Tuesday, May 10, 2011


for thoughts, remembrance, etc - I cast around for something that would work as an equivalent to all the desperately proleptically nostalgic pictures that I too in Los Angeles before we moved away, thinking that we'd never return, except, maybe, for a semester on leave ... I was so devastated to pack up from there, and I keep waiting for angst to kick in here, but it doesn't ...  All the same, I shall miss sitting outside on the deck, especially in the fall - it's such a green leafy oasis.   And these pansies have lasted all through the winter, and are happily flowering (I kept them out of the frost in the porch).   But they are suffering Depredations - squirrels are already burrowing in them.

The squirrel activity is nothing, however, compared with that going on behind the walls of my office (at least, I think it's squirrels, but it's so noisy it could be raccoons, or five year old humans) - making sounds that range from beaver-gnawing, to furniture rearrangement, to trilling little whiffles of, I hope, affection.   I keep waiting for the plaster board to give way and one of them to stick a little grey head through ...

Still minus the internet at home, and I have no idea how to be successful at straightening that one out - I tried every re-booting trick I knew, last night ...

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