Tuesday, May 10, 2011


[reposted from Facebook, yesterday evening ...] 

This may be in lieu of today's blog entry. It is a smoke detector. It goes off - since the visit of the Occupancy Certificate Inspector (who did, indeed, fail the house) every 90 seconds. In trying to set it right, change battery, etc, had to turn power off at mains. Endeavors unsuccessful - and in process have disempowered Internet. First electrician who can be persuaded to turn out arrives at 9 am. I may have been driven just about crazy by beeping by then.

And so ... the electrician arrived at 10.30 a.m., and shrewdly recognized that by that stage, I was in need of a big hug.   Beep.   In fact - I timed it with my iPhone timer - it was going off every 61 seconds.   Beep.   I am uncertain how I slept - what I do know is that it had rendered me savagely obsessed with its beep by 10.25 a.m.

I asked Helpful Electrician - Kevin - what I should do should this happen in future (which it shouldn't, since (a) he's taken everything down for now and (b) will replace with the kind that should have been there in the first place on Friday and (c) we'll be out of the place ...), and he suggested finding a bar, with a lengthy cocktails list and a Yankees game playing.   That sounds about right.

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