Tuesday, May 24, 2011

home is where ...

... a sentimental picture indeed; an Emmett paw - but we are so glad to be back in Santa Fe, after another day's tough driving, this time with very strong winds - and delighted and most relieved to have missed the tornados crossing I-40 where we were this morning, crossing I-44 where we were yesterday, and arriving in Oklahoma City, where we spent the night, and which we left as early as possible this morning.   The people at the next table at breakfast were all looking at their iPads and staring at the large red target area that suggested that the city would be under a tornado watch by the late afternoon, and wondering how they were ever going to fly out at 5 p.m.   I'm sure they didn't.

Normal correspondence, etc., will be resumed tomorrow.   Time to sleep after all that driving.

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