Sunday, July 7, 2019

a bobcat sort of day

The next road over has grown another mail box - next door to the one with the snake on it - this time with a bobcat one side, and something else - I think it's a badger - the other.  But no painted image could be as extraordinarily beautiful as the bobcat in our yard this afternoon.  Alice took out some recycling, and made eye contact with this feline.  She came inside to call me - I wish I'd had my best camera to hand, but even so, you can tell how handsome she is - as russet as a London fox, with tiger-like stripes on her legs; walking down half way through our land, marking it in every conceivable way, and having decided that it served very well as a litter tray as well as a territorial boundary, sauntering back the way that she came.  She had the whitest-tipped ears and whitest-tipped tail of any bobcat I've ever seen, and I hope she'll be back ... we certainly have plenty of rabbits.

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