Friday, July 5, 2019

on the brink of freedom

There was such excitement here last night.  Round about 2 a.m. I was woken up by what sounded like someone typing in the laundry room.  Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.  Fast.  Actually, it sounded like a woodpecker,  but woodpeckers tend not to tap at that time of night.  Death watch beetle?  The answer was all too obvious - there was a mousy inside the no-kill mousetrap.

I will point out that my companions were useless.  Alice stayed asleep.  Moth and LucyF said Oh?  A mouse in the laundry room?  and went back to sleep.  So this meant that I got dressed, put on gloves, grabbed iPhone (for using as a torch, and, obviously, a camera), and took Mousy all down our driveway, and up the road, and released her to go and find new friends (or a passing owl.  Or weasel).

Critter Control came at lunchtime - they were due to come, anyway - and admitted that from their last visit, they'd not fully fitted the cover on the laundry room vent.  They did so.  With the inevitable result - a quarter hour ago: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.   I've just been to release this next one - a much faster exit, so no photo.  I fear there's at least one more in there, because I can hear Sounds of it trying to get out - let's hope it goes for the Whole Foods trail mix, and, what's more, before I go to bed.  I like mice, but outdoors, please, and in moderation ...

My fondness for mice may date back to the Mousetown exhibit at Battersea Fun Fair in the early 60s  - one of the relics of the Festival of Britain - I was completely fascinated by this creation of a whole rodent-filled (I think they were all white mice) self-contained urban habitat ...

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