Saturday, July 27, 2019

a new hike (and a New Mexican Horned Toad)

A new and beautiful hike, this morning.  About ten days a year, the National Parks Foundation opens up a trail on the old Greer Garson Forked Lightening ranch - more recently owned by Jane Fonda - which allows one to see a hidden valley of the Pecos (very near where I used to teach summer school, near S. San Isidro) - as well as wonderful views across to Rowe Mesa and to the Pecos Wilderness.  It's about a four and a half mile loop, and very well worth doing.

The real wild life treat was a New Mexican Horned Toad - which isn't a toad at all, but a kind of lizard - I've only ever seen one once before.

And on our way back, we drove up to Terrero, to see the huge array of humming bird feeders, which were buzzing and whirring with little birds, as always in late July ...

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