Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm very, very glad to see stationary bicycles.  They are - not the first time that I've remarked on this, I know - the most lethal objects on campus, despite some completely unobserved KURT-SC campaign, which makes no apparent difference whatsoever.  All the same, they facilitate some quite amusing sights: this morning, a leggy blonde on a very pink bicycle (complete with wicker basket, of course - although with no white fluffy dog) pedaled elegantly by, wearing a large white t-shirt that said, in big black block lettering, CHICKS DIG DIAMONDS.

I have a grim certainty that students like that may well turn up in the new James Franco reality web-show, Undergrads.  This sounds like a grisly drunken exposee (actually it sounds just like Rutgers, but with fewer clothes, given the weather), and toe curlingly embarrassing.

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