Friday, January 6, 2012


Although, of course, one can't actually write about interviewing, can one?  Only to say that this is the view from the position of the Search Committee's Chair, and that despite being truly interested in what every single candidate today had to say, I did spend some stray minutes looking at the way in which they were neatly reflected, in inverted form, on the shiny table top (for yes, I did manage to obtain a meeting room - this is not some item of furniture in my non-suite suite), and wishing I could photograph them.  Instead, here's the reflection of the flat screen TV ... some papers ... and that general interrogative atmosphere that pervades - how could it not? - an interview room.

And here, since my head hurt too much to post them yesterday, are a few belated images from the Art Museum ...

... and the cheese, in vats, at Beecher's Handmade Cheese, at Pike Place Market.  I do wish I felt more like eating at this MLA, and will continue to ponder my ability to get sick, in one form or another, at this annual event ...

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