Sunday, January 29, 2012

springtime conversations

Definitely springtime!  New graffiti.  The season's first lemonade stall.  And a poodle with, I kid you not, pink pom-pom fur frills above her paws, a pink tail, and pink dyed ears tied back in a kind of pony tail (looking for all the world like a canine equivalent of a USC student).  Walkers round the Silver Lake reservoir - and runners - were thick on the ground in the high-70s sunshine; the herons are nesting; and people are making plans ("I'm thinking of buying a Chagall").  Yes, seriously, that was an overheard line of conversation.

But what of that drawing?  Is the moomintroll character pretending to be non-existent, in order to get away from the chatterbox woman behind him?  Is he so wrapped up in his own verbiage that she can't get any reply as to whether or not the dress that she's trying on looks good or not?  How to answer those questions without falling into gender stereotypes?  Why do I assume a heterosexual couple?  What difference would be made to the reading if I went along and inserted an "s" before the "talker"?

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