Thursday, January 26, 2012

departmental democracy

How pretty - when there are lots of different things that need voting on - to have lots of different colored pieces of paper.  What one now needs is a shredder, and then to convince the cats that they've always dreamed of using highly colored paper litter.  Maybe that one won't work.  Maybe we could sell the idea to Florida for use in their primary?  This is a supremely good candidate for "when I was young, we didn't used to ..." - in other words, remember when anything like this would have come on plain, boring, white departmental paper?  with, maybe, a few muted beiges and pastel blues creeping in?  The advent of colored paper for boring office xeroxing is one of those social changes one didn't really notice happening at the time - only there came to be colored post its, and colored folders, and then, one day, lo!  Colored paper in the xerox machine.

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