Sunday, January 1, 2012

celebratory! (three years, and counting...)

I'm quite sure that the occupants of 66 Monte Alto Road didn't put the balloons on their mail box for me - but I'm very happy to hi-jack their celebratory spirit - for today is the third birthday of Forms Traced By Light!  (the very first entries were FaceBook-only ones, before I got brave, so they don't show up in the archive here.  Nonetheless, they exist ...).  So - three years of a daily image, a daily chunk or less of prose, and only a very few of these posted a few hours late, when technological circumstances demanded it.

Some time around October, in particular, I start to fantasize about how good it would be to be liberated from the daily ritual (inevitably, this is about ten o'clock at night on a busy day, when I'm teaching on the following one, and not a single object in the house [or cat] seems to have gone unphotographed or unremarked upon).  But then, as January 1st gallops towards me, I realize that it would be so very hard to stop, or even to be more selective - only posting when I've taken a really good photo, or I have something noteworthy to remark upon.  That, however, would be to forego the dailiness that has come to characterize the practice - and indeed, sometime during the last month or so, I even managed to write that piece on fiction and the everyday that's been haunting these postings for the last year or so, and which has helped me to realize the impulse towards noticing more, or noticing more thoughtfully, or simply taking cognizance of unexpected beauty, or textures, or for that matter street art that comes across my past.  Best of all, though, is having this kind of visual diary to look back on - a public one, to be sure, but from my private perspective, I can easily read between an awful lot of apparently blank lines.   

So - onwards with another year ...

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