Sunday, January 8, 2012

walking around

... except I haven't done very much of that, at all - just down the street to get a salad at lunchtime, and then over to a divisional committee meeting in another hotel.  Even the dinner that I organized (for the Society of Novel Studies, and Nancy Armstrong unveiled the splendiferous line up of speakers and panels for our conference in April, and Jonathan Arac and I somehow agreed that the 2014 conference should be at USC) - even the dinner was in a restaurant attached to my own hotel (for the record, Tulio is a tremendously authentic Italian place to eat).  All the same, the last time that I was in Seattle I didn't take on board quite how spectacular all the different collisions in architecture are - and this time I wish that I had more opportunity to look.

The one thing that I've learned from this convention is the monstrosity of having the MLA now colliding head on with the semester.  It was fine, at Rutgers, when we didn't start teaching again until after MLK day.  But I'll be behind a desk on Monday.  Or behind several desks, since I'll be wearing different heads, or do I mean hats, in different departments.  On reflection, probably heads.

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