Thursday, January 19, 2012

clocking in

If one is talking about University Schlock, I'd like to nominate this clock to go up against the life-size equine statue of Traveler at USC.  This picture doesn't capture the full glory of the Rutgers Red color of the letters.  Curiously, describing it earlier this evening, I pointed out how badly the face was designed ... that there are 12 numbers in 1-12; 14 letters in Rutgers x 2, and that what I would have done is ... well, it turns out what I would have done is exactly what this designer did.  And in fact, it doesn't work - I think because one can't actually read clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously - it's tantamount to asking time to stand still.  Which is, of course, what it felt like for much of today (back to do orals and meetings) - its familiarity brought home how new USC still seems.

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