Sunday, January 15, 2012


There was something ridiculously satisfying about this row of seagulls on a campus rooftop this morning.  Actually, they worried me - we were spending the day interviewing prospective art history graduate students, and one of the major, major selling points of USC is bringing people out to sunny Southern California in mid January, when yesterday morning they were shoveling snow off their front steps somewhere in the mid-west.  Obviously there are many other selling points too - but the weather, even before they get to go on their half-day trip to the Getty, is a huge plus, especially for those who've never previously been to California.  But seagulls?  Inland?  That is, twenty miles inland, or whatever we are?  Did that portend a storm?  Happily, they didn't seem to be feathered barometers, but they had me worried.

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