Sunday, January 8, 2012

conference food

or, in this case, lack of it.  Not that I would have been likely to have been tempted.  Conference food is such a strange amalgam - on the one hand, so long as one organizes it, some wonderful meals out and catching up with friends.  On the other - snatched bites (in my case it usually seems to be slices of Starbucks pumpkin bread, which is doubtless not healthy) at times that probably don't correspond with normal meal times at all.   This, however, seems especially suitable for someone who's about to start (co-) teaching a course on invisibility - it's the non-existent croissant!  It's a perfect example of an empty signifier!  Wow - it's a long, long time in conference years, or decades, since I worried about the concept of the Empty Signifier.

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