Monday, January 30, 2012


I know that, over the years, this gloriously golden bowl has featured here once or twice, and doubtless will again (if for no other reason that it's very hard to light sufficiently, without it reflecting flash or light, or without burnishing its Midas qualities).  Nothing Jamesian about it - no sinister cracks.  It's looking especially good to day with a few orchid petals in it.

I feel that I'm in a place where I could do with the zen-like contemplation of a round, but not machine-perfect bowl (complete with a fallen flower).  I'm not doing well at maintaining tranquility at my desk - organized (yes!) I might be, but good at dealing with interruptions - good at dealing with endless chivvying-away-at-time-and-patience interruptions from office staff - I am not.  Other than deep breathing, I would love to have some constructive techniques for keeping my equilibrium and cheerfulness ...


  1. catching up on old posts -- I can recommend the following, bookmarked on my toolbar: Do Nothing for 2 Minutes:
    A lovely typographic rendering of the time, which always slows me down a bit:
    and some instructions for mandela drawing!

  2. (that was from mlmcgill, btw -- it's kind of charming that blogger thinks I'm unknown!)