Thursday, May 31, 2012

before and after

Here's our team, warming up in a small village (4, 000 strong, including the surrounding communities) that's a real volleyball center - with a member of the next generation of stars watching them (our tour leader Cory's daughter, Mia - already completely at home with the yellow and blue balls.

We won 3-1 - a good fight - and then it was party time - in an awning put up between gym and school, with people grilling sausages and ladling them out at with some tomato at one end, and beer being passed round at the other.  And then the beer can piling activities, and the accordion, and the dancing, and the - yes - drinking shots (brandy, Jagermeister, whatever) from glasses that had been glued to old skis.  And then a quick tour of the scout house (given the general lack of sobriety among Slovenian men, we weren't too sure about that, but it proved to be full of lots of cheerful pictures of and by Slovenian children.  And then we swayed back fast down wet leafy roads in the bus to Maribor. 

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