Thursday, May 24, 2012

Packed (nearly), and ready to roll.  This could be the most unlikely (working) vacation of our lives.  Tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, we are off to Europe with the USC Women's Volleyball Team.  I guess that makes us some kind of honorary Women of Troy.  At the very least, we assume that we've been asked to go as the shortest two women they could find, and therefore as some kind of suitable mascot.  We are - we believe - in some ways Representatives of Culture, and are supposedly going to provide some Cultural Insights about the places we're visiting (but in no formal way, so that means that I've packed/downloaded a couple of guidebooks, and will after that point trust to the best, and to the fact that I speak Italian and British English, albeit no Slovenian or Serbian).  Truly, it's a great adventure, and completely, bizarrely unexpected - I had an early morning phone call asking if we'd be interested in going, a couple of months ago, and who could possibly have resisted?

So - above - our team sweat shirts and caps - not the best of colors on us, I fear ... and we also went and bought a couple of tee shirts today so that we can jump up and down on the sidelines and sing the fight song (I can't imagine we've been asked along for our singing abilities), or whatever.  If nothing else, I'll know more about volleyball at the end of this than I do now - I have a dim memory of Miss Dinn, at school, once trying to get us to play it in the gym, but I don't think anyone really knew the rules.  Wait for updates ... wish us luck, when you've stopped laughing at the improbability of this ...

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