Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Just outside our front door, we have a portale - with the standard New Mexican ristra, and a rather sonorous wind chime.  Only - we came back last week to find that a finch has made her nest rather precariously on top of both ristra and chime.  You can see her tail sticking out at the top: she's sitting.  So ... we have our summertime bird non-disturbance predicament back.  We've moved the bluebird house round the side, now visible only from the kitchen window.  And, so far, the parents go back and forth, back and forth, with deliveries - but they don't mind too much if we walk past.  But this cute little finch?  We try and limit going in and out of the front door as much as possible, and trip through flowering cacti and gopher holes at the side of the house in our quest to avoid disturbing her.  This hardly looks like an entry for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - our bathroom window has got a mesh screen, and hence the grid effect.  But it does give a pretty good sense of the predicament.

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