Tuesday, May 29, 2012

where our lunch came from

Here's the Venice fish market, being hosed down - our lunchtime fish (San Pietro for Alice, bronzino and clams for me) came from it, and very finely cooked they's been, too.  But oh, the banishment of the two middle aged women to a far corner (I don't mind them taking their conversational time over some very Venetian-dialect speaking locals, but fawning over a threesome who were busily discussing the Prada Marfa installation whilst having expensive wine and mini-lobsters and spider crabs was just irritating.  It took me five asks to prize some bread out of our waiter.  So - whilst very grateful to Jonah and Nancy for suggesting the Antiche Carampane, we won't be going back in any hurry.  Or rather, maybe, won't be going back if we're in a relative hurry.  

Venice was extremely hot, shook twice with earthquakes whilst we were having lunch, and was packed with tourists, and generally reminded me why I like it best in January (despite, of course, managing to be one of my favorite places, despite its flaws ...).

And others among us had a very successful day's shopping ...

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