Wednesday, May 30, 2012


And here is a fraction of our number, enjoying the quite amazing view and the first of - what was it? - seven, or eight, types of wine produced by the Doppler vineyard in Slovenia.  The concrete benches might slightly mar the rural idyll, but the sunset (after the rain) was spectacular.  

I've been rendered utterly self-conscious by the fact that people figured here - and people not figured here - may well end up reading this.  Alice and I - after breakfast - gave a fifteen minute blast of a session on Writing a Blog Entry - inspired (or uninspired, in a sense), by the entries, or some of them, that we'd read on line (the team are meant to post a daily blog - written in rotation).  I felt very bad later (given that we came down heavily on them) when I found that apparently some of the entries had been edited back at USC - edited not just for typos, but Cut.  All the same, it felt good to be able to pass on some ideas and expertise about what might work ... (memo: don't try and post after an evening in a winery?).

Other than that - we ducked out of a morning swinging in harnesses on ropes and balancing on the tops of telegraph poles, and went into Maribor (a pretty small town, indeed, even if the museum with the painted beehive doors was closed), and bought strawberries in the market, and back at the hotel - after the match, when we beat the Slovenian team (yay!!), went for a walk until it started to pour with rain ... admiring the local art stenciling.

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