Wednesday, May 9, 2012

contemplating commencement

If I go in to my office around 8.30 in the morning, every day there's a middle aged Chinese man who's standing in front of the reflective pool, doing very slow movements - much more contained and restrained than tai chi, I'd say, but stylized, in their own discreet way - and standing in perfect, still contemplation.  He's unfazed by what's going on round him (he manages to stand out of the way of the crazed skateboarders).  Today, he'd move a little away from his usual spot - there are, after all, rows after rows after rows of white commencement chairs sprouting up in all directions, rather like a military cemetery.   But there he was, looking calmly at these serried ranks.  I wish I'd had my camera - a rare bit of doubtless travel-induced forgetfulness - and not just my iPhone.

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