Friday, May 11, 2012

loving humanity with equality [May 10th]

God and mammon: our Business Payments and HR Office is, rather bizarrely, situated on the 2nd floor of the building that houses the university church (or one of them).  This means, however, on the occasional visit to this branch of things, one walks past pillars that are simulating a cloister - or, I suppose, might even be said to constitute a cloister.  And these pillars have strings tied round them, and little notes attached - like a kind of prayer wall, or message-to-God-and-the-world wall, or whatever.  This morning - the day after Obama came out in support of gay and lesbian marriage - it was great to see a little heart there, with the equality sign in the middle of it, and the inscription "Loving Humanity with Equality."  Quite so.

[my apologies for not posting this last night - I was felled by a vile migraine that had been escalating for two days, and couldn't bear the light even of a room with the lights turned off ...]

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